s Orange Fibers, a sustainable fabrics startup that happens


area: materials.

One of them is Orange Fibers, a sustainable fabrics startup that happens to be located in Italy (the home of the tastiest oran thehelloamerica.com ges, by the way). Orange Fibers has created a new type of fiber made thehappyworld.org entirely from citrus juice by-products that would otherwise have gone to waste. The fabric spun from this string is silky and light, perfect for scarves, blouses, and other applications.

The other innovative brand that won the 2018 H&M Global Innovation Awards is Algalife that, as its name suggests, creates fiber from – you guessed it – algae. Their materials check every item off the list of the eco-friendly shopper: their product is chemicals and pesticides free, uses five times less water than the manufacturing of tr thesecretoftime.net aditional textiles, relies on solar energy, it’s zero-waste, vegan, and completely biodegradable. In short, it’s perhaps the best type of clothing you can wear if you care about the world around you.


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